The following are testimonials that were unsolicited from people that Detroit Wedding Photo helped to find their perfect photographer:

The photographer for our wedding was amazing! All the pictures turned out great and we were able to catch so many moments that we were too busy to see ourselves. We were really stressed about the wedding but everything turned out amazing and the photographer caught it all. You're the best! Thanks!!!
- Dan & Kim

Thanks Detroit Wedding Photo! Our pictures from our wedding were beautiful! The photographer was so nice and great at his job! made the day just that more easier and amazing!
- Susan

We've heard horror stories from a couple friend of ours about photographers for weddings but the one you guys set us, his name was John, was amazing! Everything was caught so elegantly and professionally. When we got the pictures back, it brought us to tears! Thanks!
- Jamie

We wanted to have a beautiful wedding but we didn't have much money to spend on it and you were able to shoot the wedding at such an affordable price for us. The pictures were amazing. Thanks for all the help!
- Julie

Our wedding was a blast! Thanks for shooting it! The pictures were awesome! It brings me right back to that day every time I look at the pictures!
- Jason

The whole presentation and professionalism was great! Thank you for taken a little ease off this big day for my family. The photos came out so good and I just wanted to thank you.
- Judy

There was so many moments of laughter and tears at our wedding that were preserve because of you. Thank you for catching those moments for us in such a beautful way. Our story will forever be locked in a box.
- Kristy

You're the best!!! Wow! I knew the the photographer was good but these pictures from our wedding blew me away. It brought me to tears again! Thank you!
- Mindy